Home Health Aide

Program Objective:

To prepare students with the skills, knowledge and abilities to become Home Health Aides and to qualify to work through Medicare approved agencies.


Program Description:

Program includes instructor-led classroom and clinical training and practical hands-on application. Students must successfully complete tests and a final.
4 hours of HIV/AIDS. There are no licensing exams in order to work as a Home Health Aide.


  • Length :3 Weeks
  • Clock Hours : 75 Hours
  • Languages : English , Haitian creole
  • Students :20
  • Diploma : Yes

Basic Hemodialysis Technician 


Jessica Bennet

Program Outline

Course Number Course Title Clock Hours
HHA100 Emergency and Safety Procedures/CPR 10
HHA101 Medical Law and Ethics 10
HHA102 Nutrition 10
HHA103 HIV/AIDS/OSHA Techniques  05
HHA104 Health Care Delivery Systems and Health Occupations  04
HHA105 Domestic Violence  02
HHA106 LAB  34